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Still Working Hard

By Oliver Penn, RAD Video
I reviewed the prequel, Hard at Work last year and loved the premise of horny men chasing tail on the job. Place a bloodhound like Alejandro in charge and he’ll devise a way to get your pants down.

STILL WORKING HARD has Gino telling the story about his new job. Domino, stops his work to gaze at some porn he sees on a stockroom TV. He’s peter-built and can’t resist getting naked while watch a hot pussy getting plowed. He pulls out his big dick and jerks to climax while being spied on by Gino.

Gino is hot, with a head full of long braids He tells how he got the job. He bumped into Alejandro who tells him that there’s an opening in his company. Once up in the office, Alex brazenly gives Gino an ultimatum, give it up or no job. He gets him naked and blows the fuck out of him.

Stock boy, Romeo, unpacks a box of DVDs, puts a hot one in the machine and strips nude (lovely big hairy dick!). The camera is “all up in his business” and practically has his balls against our noses. Wow – this dude is full of hot cum!

The company tramp, June, is stalking married stud, Alex. When the dude delivers boxes to June’s office, he pounces. Fortunately, Alex plays on the “down low” – June is just another hot piece of ass to him. June, works that cock good, but needs that huge thing in his oft-fucked manpussy. He takes the dick sitting, standing and bitch-style, legs up, moaning in ecstasy.

Supply manager, Q. T., puts the make on India, a delivery guy. The guy is willing to get a blowjob and when he’s s hard, Q.T.’s hole is wet and waiting. He fucks the manager on the floor.

Sweeping the office, Domino decides to nail June. Meanwhile, E-Money shows up in spandex shorts (showing a big bulge), delivers a package and leaves. When he returns to get something he left behind, he finds June and Domino having sex. He’s invited to join and June’s hungry hole gets fucked again. On par with its predecessor.

Cast: Gino, Alejandro, Domino, Romeo, Alex , Q. T., Indio, E-Money, June.

This is not “on the job training,” it’s “on the job fucking!” No need to fill out an application, just drop your drawers. Newcomers

Gino, Domino & Alex are standouts.

Extras: Chapters; Condom Demo; Brief Behind The Scenes; Trailers (Fantastic Foreskin; Dirty Dawgz; Boyz in the Crib 3). Cover: Gino,