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 Loved Dawgz on the DL. Don't know what I would have done without LFC all

these years! LFC is a steady beacon of light amid the wreckage of other

companies which have come and gone trying to stake a claim in blatino

territory. While they may have had occasional flashes, none has ever

matched LFC for its consistency, quality and longevity. Very rare to find

someone able to combine an eye for beauty, artistic and technical knowhow,

and the administrative acumen necessary to keep a small business afloat.

We're lucky to have you and LFC. So if you occasionally get a grumpy e-mail

from me about a slow delivery or something, please know that overall I very

much appreciate you and the work you've been doing all these years, and hope

you'll keep going forever!!

Dear (director) Brian (Brennan),

"RUFFNECK WORKOUT 2" is my latest acquisition and in two short hours, it went from mediocre and repetitive to OUTSTANDING! I'm referring, of course, to the last two scenes. The first of these features a unique performance by "HURRICANE" (new to me). Please don't lose this dude. He brings a new dimension to your work because of his rare ability to communicate adn articulate, as well as perform. He is particularly appealing in the scene where he appears as a personal trainer. Le'ts hope he becomes a permanent member of the staff at El Barrio Gym. The guy has achieved anatomical perfection. With hair and mustache he displas irresistable charm and maturity. His enormous cock and ability to shoot copious loads are a bonus and the stuff that dreams are made of.

Secondly, another discovery was "TOBY" in a scene that caused me to explode. Your masterful revelation of this youthful, sweet innocent towel boy who turns out to be a cock-hungry little sex-pig was incredibly provocative. This kid is a sweetheart. i immediately began to daydream about the powerful contrast of a scene between TOBY adn PAPI SONGO. I visualize a situation where Songo catches Toby stalking him. After a few minutes of seductive foreplay, the encounter becomes romantic and finally sexual. Toby worships every inch of Songo's body. Songo sucks Toby and rims him, telling him that his ass is beautiful. Toby responds by laying back (on his own) raising his legs to the sky, exposing his sweet, virginal ass with both hands and saying "It's for you".

Please make this happen.


--M.V. ( Orlando, Florida)

P.S.- Normally I am more interested in multiple action than solos. I want to add, however, that LFC is the producer of the two most provocative solos in video history; the first is the awesome performance by exotic, burly PAPI SONGO (mailroom scene) in which he flaunts his animal magnetism; the second is the mesmerizing J.O. scene of HURRICANE (weight bench) in which he displays his magnificent enormous cock and shoots (with spasms) a flood of thick globs of cum. Both of these icons have star quality-- not only physically, but because they innately and professionally project virility, passion and lust.

Hey guys,

I’ve been an avid fan of Latino men for 20 years! In 1985 my then boyfriend (a gorgeous Puerto Rican) turned me on through your [Latino Fan Club] movies and early mags to the breathtaking, ball-draining, beautiful appeal of Latino men! (especially ‘Ricans and Dominicans!) I had all the early movies like: ?A View To A Thrill?, ?Boys Behind Bars 1, 2 and 3?, ?San Juan Six Pack? and ?Raunchy Ricans? just to name a few! But I lost them through the years due to wear and tear. I want a new membership kit and if possible, I would like a backlog copy of all the classic LFC videos that made me faint almost a decade ago! I also would like info on whatever happened to my favorite models of the past like Luis ?Angel? Alvarez, Reo, James, Chi, Carlos, Freddy Mac and that cock-sucking doctor from ?Boys Behind Bars? who used to make the guys squirt like crazy! Of course, I want the 411 on all the happenings of today’s stars as well, like that Tiger Tyson and many more! Enclosed is a money order for my 2000 LFC Calendar to start the ball rolling!
I hope to hear from you all soon!!---Keep it cummin’! Congrats on 14 years as #1! Peace.
Central Islip, NY

Hi “M.D.”,

Thanks for your comments-- So many of our Latino Fan Club stars have left their (wild) past behind and gone on to other interests. We do hear about some models through the grapevine occationally, and what’s happening in their lives. Sadly our good freind ?Doctor? Don passed away, another victim of aids several years ago. We did run into an alumni of LFC’s early days, a couple of weeks ago in New York’s Grenwich Village-- "Che" whose picture is to the left- He must have been 18 or 19 when he first went in front of our cameras, and today he looks just as good as he ever did. ?Che? is working for a restaurant in Soho these days, and is considering a return to video. Another fan fave, "Bobby" is still a hot papi seven years after he last appeared in a video. He often introduced a feature by warning: ?Hey! Don’t copy this tape, or I’ll come to get you!?


You are still the best. The latest “Speedy” is killing me. Tariq is killing me. Is he in any other films of yours? Even the Milk flyer with him on it, given out at Queens Pride is on my wall. Please get him in more of your movies. Also, the new magazine is the bomb. I look forward to future issues.

I have a friend who I think would be perfect for a photo spread or one of your movies. How does he contact you to check things out? Please let me know, so I can let him know. You can email me here at work but be discreet. Thanks.

Keep up the amazing work.
via email

Hey Latino Fan Club,

Congradulations.... the new site looks great....the pictures are especially clear and crisp... and i look forward to it expanding

a loyal fan
r h---
via email

To the ‘New Latin Crew’,


You guys have succeeded in creating a cinematic masterpiece! Your shit is the bizoom!! BODEGA BOYZ is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I have seen most of the films by all the major playas: Francisco Franco, Brian Brennan, Lamancha, Latino Fan Club, and Ray Rock... all of ‘em and they don’t have shit on you guys.

Let me tell you why I thought y’all shit was on hit. I live in Texas where it’s nothing but white mutha fuckas (not that I have anything against white people but I just ain’t attracted to em) and for someone like me who is a connoisseur of fine cafe-au-lait blatinos, this place can be a real pain in the ass since you can only get that flava on the east coast. It’s not just about being a boricua but about the whole machismo, “I’m the shit” attitude that makes latino guys da bomb! Being that we don’t have em here in the flesh, the closest thing is movies. Unfortunately, most movies are little more than “flicks” with shitty, IF ANY, storylines where mutha fuckas who don’t even know each other walk up to each other, say “hi”, start fucking and then say “later”. That shit ain’t real and don’t do shit for educated niggas like myself who ain’t some freak just watching it to see dicks or spending half the time jacking off and miss the whole damn movie.

The first sex scene wasn’t until 10 MINUTES into the movie but I was still glued to the TV the entire time because they weren’t just guys paid to fuck each other but real niggas with lives and personalities! They interacted and joked with each other. It was incredibly refreshing and realistic!!! I actually started feeling like I knew em. Your choice of couples was PHENOMENAL. All of the actors gave excellent performances because the couples paired together had a good natural chemistry and genuine attraction to each other. Either that or they were damn good fakers. I didn’t see one dirty, grungy, need-a-haircut crackhead the whole movie! Although Kaos’ inability to maintain a stiffy was a little disappointing, the fact that he is so damn fine and the bomb ass position in which he hit it, more that made up for it. Other that that there wasn’t one limp dick the whole time, including mine!!!! They held hands, kissed, cuddled and all that.... which is what even straight guys who fuck around do if they like it and ain’t getting paid to do it. Spade and Papo seemed like they were really kickin’ it as a couple.

The choices of scenes was great: where they had sex, the several different camera angles and positions; Cisco getting out of the shower and even the scenery of the city with the puerto rican flag on the wall; Spade actually working in the store.... Great, Great, Great! I even feel cool showing this movie to straight niggas I suspect might be curious or one’s that I’m trying to hook up with on the D/L ‘cause they can see and hear real niggas, like them, by the way they act and talk with and to each other. I am a public relations major in college and I’m also gonna get a law degree and when i graduate maybe I can help you guys market and promote your joint, blow up the spot and see y’all go big time!!!

Keep making shit y’all can be proud of. Movies that keep all the other playas on their toes and hopefully they’ll wanna make better movies.

This Is For My Niggas....
Austin, Texas

Hey Quan,

Can’t thank you enuf for your enthusiastic comments! Now are you ready for a little more realism? While “Bodega Boyz” was created principally by the young, multi-ethnic new division “New Latin Crew” none other than Brian Brennan wrote and directed the hit flick under the pseudonym “Eduardo Montoya”! For all of you who somehow missed seeing BODEGA BOYZ, here is your chance: by special arrangement with the New Latin Crew, you can own a copy of this hot video for only $39.95 for a limited time. Simply order using the order form for Latino Fan Club videos in this issue-- write “Special Letters Offer” on the form and remit $39.95 plus $3.50 shipping and handling and mail in to the LFC address on the form! Offer ends November 1, 1999, so don’t put it off!

Dear Mr. Brennan & crew,

I recently read about LFC in the March 4th issue of TIME OUT magazine and it moved me to write to you. I’ve been a member since 1988 and have a big collection of LFC videos, which I consider to be the best out there. I love sex videos of young latin guys and like to collect as many as possible. Which brings up the reason for this letter. One of Latino Fan Club’s competitors was also covered in Les Simpson’s article, and the LaMancha director, Enrique Cruz, was quoted as saying: “Latino Fan Club is often about the allure of straight guys jerking off, but I like to see two guys fucking.” As I’ve said, I have almost all of the LFC videos, so I wonder just how many LFC videos Mr. Cruz has actually seen. The only LFC tapes that have “straight guys jerking off” are the Horse Hung Hispanics J/O tapes, and they are clearly labeled as such. I certainly don’t have to tell you that the overwhelming majority of LFC tapes are full-story features of macho, bi and gay studs having full-out sex together (yes, fucking, too) in scene after scene. Mr. Cruz’ cheap shot makes him seem either (1) ignorant of the facts or (2) desperate to tear down or attack his rivals. I think he’s just immature or at least naive to think the public (and his own customers) don’t know better. I’ll bet most of his buyers are already LFC customers, so they know how stupid his quotes are. I’ve rented his small number of tapes and they are very amateurish and limited in imagination. I will give him credit for finding some very hot latin studs, but he has a long way to go to catch up to you guys. My LFC library has a huge variety of gorgeous latin men, different body types, different ages, different genres and styles and stories. LaMancha seems only directed at the young club kids, with their whatever-is-hip-at-the-moment street talk, designer labels and current fads. He seems to want to impress his “peers” with one-note vids tailored to their limited lifestyle. That’s fine, but that age group rents and pass around their LaMancha bootleg copies- they don’t buy-- so Cruz is ignoring his biggest audience. Mr. Cruz: you don’t need to attack your superiors-- Yon need only to concern yourself with making good, hot videos. Rent and study the “classic” LFC videos and you might learn a few things! And thank you Mr. Brennan for making those hot hot hot videos! Yours is a real class act!

A Real Fan
New York, NY

Dear LFC,

Please send me the “goodies” as mentioned on your website... to the address at the end of this letter...

And keep up the good work. In my opinion, you produce the best gay Latino erotica I have ever seen (or any other kind of erotica for that matter; virtually all of the porn distributed commercially is, in my opinion, crap; a bunch of whitebread, shaved, pumped-up Ken doll twinky boys). You leave your competitors in the dust. Every one of your videos really sizzles. The studs you find for your videos are beyond awesome (where do you find these incredible men?). “Big Ben” and “Spade” are two of my favorite models. They are the finest specimens of manhood and male beauty that I have ever laid my eyes on, Latino or otherwise. I thank them for sharing views of their physiques with those like myself who worship them, and thank you for capturing the essence of their natural, raw, magnificent masculinity so exquisitely. Your producers and directors are truly artists, Muchos gracias a todos!

R. H.
San Francisco, CA

Dear Editor,

When I bought the four hour “SPANISH HARLEM KNIGHTS” video (which was FANTASTIC, by the way, - it really showed, on the real tip- all the shit a lot of us young guys have to go through in this city) anyway- the ad in the catalog said “a portion of the sales of this tape will be donated to the fight against AIDS”- What’s the 411 on that?

“Just wondering”
Flushing, NY

They say charity should be given freely and anonomously when possible- but it might be of interest to our club members to know that we try to do more than just run an “x-rated” business. And to answer your question, yes, the Latino Fan Club appreciates the good fortune that has come our way, and we believe we should give back to “the community” some of that good fortune, so a percentage of the sales of "Spanish Harlem Knights" was donated to the GMHC in the name of LFC club members. Since then we’ve donated regularly to a variety of charities that will hopefully benefit people with AIDS and also the latin community in general. Sponsorship has also involved donations of videos to auction off at charity benefits such as the Central California AIDS Foundation, New York’s “FROST'D” a nonprofit organization that gives street hookers a helping hand [Village Voice Feb.9, ‘99], a New York City’s Gay Men’s Chorus’ Fundraiser and even a contribution to help finish a documentary film called “Nuyorican Dream” by the young filmmaker Laurie Collyer. Having viewed a sample reel of her documentary, we felt if important to support this serious effort to show the realities of a true-life latino family faced with often over-whelming challenges. If club members would like more information on this promising film, we’ll be glad to send it to you. Donations may be made directly to: Ms. Laurie Collyer, 45 West 54th Street, Suite 3A, New York, NY 10019 US. Or call her at 212-262-2838. And we won’t even mention the weekly “loans” and “advances” to some needy young friends of ours that never get repaid!! We’re looking into the idea of scholarships for models now -- we’d love to help some ambitious young people get a higher education! We’ll keep you posted!

yo lfc,

just peeped "club coqui", and i gotta say you've done it again!! the vid was real cool. of course my favorite scene was with spade. yo, he can't do no wrong!!! everything he does makes me hot!!! but i must say GQ ain't bad at all. he's got definite skillz, and i can't wait to see him in his next pic. a scene with GQ and SPADE together, now that would be too goooood!!!!! i'm drippin just thinkin bout it!! when will the new magazine be out? can't wait to get my hands on that. and wassup with the website? i hit it a coupla times and its not up yet. oh well, gotta bounce, hit me back and let me know wassup.


D. G.
Bronx, NY

Dear LFC,

I've been a LFC subscriber and occasional buyer for a number of years. Yesterday I found Horse-Hung Hispanics, Vol. 11 at my favorite video rental store. The opening seconds of "Popeye's" appearance... Well, I have to tell you I have watched it over and over and over and over again. Slow motion, regular, and fast. Freeze-frame, too. Man, his walking around with a boner pushes all my buttons. I sure wouldn't mind seeing more LFC models doing the same.

Keep up the good work!

It's appreciated.

G. W. R.
Dearborn Hts., MI

Hey LFC,

I'm assuming this is an actual fan club for admirers of Latin men. Please send me info on how to join cause I'm down with that Latin swing!!!!!!


Hey jd,

The Latino Fan Club has certainly grown in many directions since it was conceived in May of 1985, yet it is still basically a club composed of like-minded “latinophiles” anxious to share their interest in the erotic adventures of latin males.... In recent years club members (mainly in the New York area) have offered their talents and services to the studio in the production of new videos., and in so doing, have gotten to work with many of the sexy LFC stars. Membership has its advantages: Freelance writers, set designers, editors, new directors and others have all contributed to the making of the hottest xxx films on the market today!

Dear editor,

Hello from one of your biggest fans! but am very saddened because it has been sooooooo long since I've seen a good spanish porno magazine! the last time I emailed you ... you informed me to be watching for a new publication out in January but so far I haven't seen it! Can you give me and update on this and also do you know where I can get Hispanic publications like Machismo, Salza, Latin Inches or anything else you can think of ?? I really get turned on by Hispanic or Phillipino men?

Thanks for your time and please respond asap!

Hungry Horny Hispanic Lover in Heat!?

Dear LFC,

On Friday I had purchased your new video "Club Coqui" (Latin Showboyz Part Three). I thought that it was really good. My favorite dancer was the fine looking young man with the tattoo which had the name "Joel" written on his left chest. The boy is fine and he has a body that just won’t quit. He makes a man wanna scream. I also enjoyed watching Carlitos as well. The boy also has a nice body with a real cute face (this boy is fine). I’m looking forward to seeing new videos from you guys this year and I hope you continue to keep up the good work!

Ronald McA.
New York, NY

P.S. By the way, last night I was at Stella's & I was able to see X-icutioner perform in person. And let me tell you, the boy looks better in person.