A REVIEW from JRL website!

by Paul G.

Okay JRL Fans, get the napkins out on this one!

Latino Fan Club’s “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” [2008] features some of the
hottest Latin men with grande pinga's who know how to blow humongous loads.

Let's get into it! The action starts on Orchard Beach, with some very cool natural
scenery. This creates a feeling of hanging out with the guys.

The first stud to get naked is a good-looking, hairy guy who practically busts out
his shorts. He takes himself inside and strokes his big dick. He is someone I would
have liked to see being eaten out or fucked, but he just jerks himself off.

Next up are two guys who just can’t get enough of each other. These two suck each
other’s cocks right off, and the lighting and camera angles are excellent.

Every detail of the actor’s bodies is clear and visible, and there is no distracting music
so the actor’s moans and grunts are ready to be turned up.

Popeye spends the summer apartment sitting, and he is seriously hot. He strokes his
meat until he blows a gushing load. He’s another hot stud who likely fucks like a champ
and I was hoping to see him in action.

Xicutioner comes onto the scene showering, and he is a powerhouse. He’s got a big
muscular boy and he spends his summer posing for pictures for a gay magazine, under
standably. He easily gets his dick big and hard, and strokes it for the camera.

A sizzling three-way is up next, which alleviates some of the frustration of the previous
solo scenes. This is another scene shot well, with all the good stuff covered, and the
lighting puts everything front and center.

Not all the guys are spending their summer naked and/or outdoors. T.C. and Tito have
the un-fortunate jobs of being maintenance dudes, but they find time to hook up. Their
cocks shoot straight out and they both seem to be really enjoying themselves, in spite
of their crappy job.

“How I Spent My Summer Vacation” [2008] is a good time had by all, and will make you
think of your past summer vacations for months to come.