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Bungle In Da Jungle

Long, long ago, deep in the heart of the jungle, there once lived a hairy neanderthal named Jungle Man. Jungle Man was lonely. After a falling out with his mother-in-law, his prehistoric wife, Bertha, left him, left Jungle Man all alone high up in their two-story bungalow in the trees.

Well, one day, Jungle Man looks down from his hammock and sees something that makes the hairs on his prehistoric chest curl with delight. It is a nude, hairy prehistoric twink, fully grown, racing like a deer past Jungle Man's tree house.

The youth races into the thick of the jungle, his perfectly round, hairy, twink buttocks bouncing as he scrambles quickly out of view. Jungle Man scratches his head. He GRUNTS, GROWLS, aroused by the sight of the fleshy twink. The sensation is new for Jungle Man. In all his years living with Bertha, high up in his tree house, never before has he been so intensely excited.

As Jungle Man plays back the image of Jungle Twink, in his prehistoric mind, the naked youth's hairy, buttocks bouncing as he disappears in the jungle, Jungle Man glances down at his huge, hairy, neanderthal cock. It engorges, becomes, longer, harder, fatter, the head peaks out slightly from a mound of fleshy foreskin, drips a puddle of pre-jack onto the tree house floor.

"UNGA UNGA," growls Jungle Man, POUNDING his hairy chest. "Wantim!!!...Me wantim!!!"

As Jungle Man looks down toward the base of his tree house, Jungle Twink runs past, once again. This time, the naked prehistoric youth is being chased by a gigantic saber-toothed tiger. The tiger gains fast on Jungle Twink, makes long strides, its teeth bared, SNARLING and BELLOWING.

Jungle Man springs into action. Swings from a vine, high in the trees, brachiates from limb to limb like a New York cab driver during rush hour. The prehistoric man flies through the trees with the greatest of ease and lands smack on top of the charging saber-toothed tiger. Jungle Man wrestles the tiger, whips out his stone age knife and slices into its furry belly, spilling its entrails onto the jungle floor. Jungle Man POUNDS his chest and BELLOWS, victoriously.

Jungle Twink, naked and frightened, watches, awestruck, as Jungle Man skins the saber-toothed tiger with his stone age knife, watches as Jungle Man scrapes all the fat from the tiger's furry coat, then sections it into four separate pieces. Jungle Man strings the meat on a long tree branch, braces it on his massive shoulders and climbs part way up his tree house. Jungle Man hangs the tiger meat and the fur on a limb high enough so other animals couldn't get to it.

As Jungle Man swoops down from a vine and squats on the ground cleaning his stone age knife on some rocks, Jungle Twink comes out of hiding. As the handsome youth looks all about, his gaze catches on Jungle Man's enormous, uncut pinga sticking out from under his loin cloth.

Jungle Man looks up slowly from his work, stares back at Jungle Twink, ogling his loin cloth. Their eyes meet. Jungle Twink smiles. Jungle Man smiles. It is the first time Jungle Man has seen the youth close up. A long twink dick dangles in front of Jungle Twink with two large, walnut-size balls framing it on either side. Jungle Twink's hair is black and curly.

The handsome youth walks bravely to where Jungle Man stoops, still sharpening his knife. He stoops next to Jungle Man and boldly strokes his huge neanderthal nuts."CAJONES!," exclaims Jungle Twink, excitedly. "CAJONES!," he says, in his boyish tenor voice.

Jungle Man puts down his work and looks at Jungle Twink fondling his nuts. Jungle Man likes what Jungle Twink is doing. He gestures up at his bungalow, high in the trees, reaches one hand behind Jungle Twink, stooped beside him, and runs two fingers slowly up Jungle Twink's fleshy cheeks. "CULA! CULA!" coons Jungle Man, excitedly. Jungle Man cups Jungle Twink's buttocks in his hairy hand and pulls him in close. "Mi Jungle Man," he says, pointing at himself. "Ti Jungle Twink," says Jungle Man, pointing at Jungle Twink.

Jungle Twink looks at Jungle Man, shyly. "Mi Jungle Twink," he repeats. Jungle Twink smiles. He likes his new name. Jungle Twink likes Jungle Man. Jungle Twink likes stroking Jungle Man's balls. All at once, Jungle Man stands erect. He pulls Jungle Twink up with him and holds the youth tightly in his hairy arms. The neantherthal man climbs back up the tree towards his bungalow, Jungle Twink in tow. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!," yells Jungle Twink, as Jungle Man carries him in his arms, climbs up the tree with the greatest of ease.

Jungle Man makes a perfect two-point landing inside his bungalow, sets Jungle Twink down and goes to a corner of the tree house. He pulls a gigantic prehistoric banana from under some bamboo and offers it to his new friend. Jungle Twink looks at the giant banana. He takes it in his twink hands and slowly peels the skin back. As Jungle Man watches, captivated, Jungle Twink rolls his tongue over the tip of the giant banana -- round and round. His full boy-lips encircle the banana, licks the banana, kisses the banana. Jungle Man's prehistoric jaw nearly drops to the floor as Jungle Twink continues working the giant banana with his twink tongue. All at once, the banana DISAPPEARS inside Jungle Twink's mouth, only to quickly resurface. After performing this trick two or three more times, Jungle Twink bites into the banana. Soon, the fruit is all gone. Escaping the saber-tooth tiger has made Jungle Twink tired. He YAWNS, stretches his arms and curls up in a bundle in Jungle Man's hammock. Soon, Jungle Twink is fast asleep.

Jungle Man stares at Jungle Twink, asleep in his hammock. He moves to the hammock, looks closely at Jungle Twink, runs his hands through Jungle Twink's curly black locks, gently licks Jungle Twink's handsome face, SNIFFS Jungle Twink's burly ass. Killing a full grown saber-toothed tiger is hard work. Jungle Man, too, is tired. He YAWNS, eases his tight, muscular neanderthal body carefully into the hammock, curls his thighs gingerly under Jungle Twink's soft twink body, and falls fast asleep.

NEXT MORNING: Jungle Man awakens to the sound of fried saber-toothed tiger steaks. Jungle Twink, who dons a freshly sewn saber-toothed tiger thong and vest with two, matching, tiger-fang chokers, is preparing breakfast. He breaks a huge crocodile egg and scrambles it alongside two tiger-steaks in an earthen grill Jungle Man's built into a corner of the tree house. Jungle Twink squeezes lemon juice from a lemon onto the sizzling steaks and separates two portions of the food onto two huge banana leaves woven together with bamboo. He smiles generously as he sets one of the huge leaves with steak and omelet in front of Jungle Man. Jungle Man nods his approval. He grabs two coconuts and slams them together. Jungle Man holds out one half of the coconut, filled with milk, to Jungle Twink. Jungle Twink takes his half of the coconut milk, and together Jungle Twink and Jungle Man eat breakfast.

LATER: Jungle Twink collects the banana leaves. He takes the leftovers to the side of the tree house and tosses them out. When he turns back around, he comes face-to-hairy-chest with Jungle Man. Maybe it's the jungle heat, or maybe it's Jungle Twink's new saber-toothed tiger outfit. In either case, Jungle Man is breathing very hard, his massive chest heaving, in and out.

Jungle Twink twists around so he faces away from Jungle Man. He leans back onto Jungle Man's hairy chest, fondles Jungle Man's loin cloth, making it rise slowly UP, UP, UP. Jungle Twink massages Jungle Man's prehistoric bicho, gently with his twink fingers. And as he does, Jungle Man licks Jungle Twink's ear, makes Jungle Twink suddenly moan and tremble with delight.

Jungle Twink drapes his twink arms around Jungle Man's firmly packed buttocks and rolls his hands down Jungle Man's prehistoric buttocks, stretches Jungle Man's gluteus maximus wide as it will go. Jungle Man MOANS, GRUNTS, GROWLS as Jungle Twink continues fondling his ass. It is a new sensation for Jungle Man, something he'd never felt in all his years living with Bertha in his tree house. "UNGA...UNGA!!!," moans Jungle Man.

Ever so slowly, Jungle Twink turns around and looks up at Jungle Man. Their eyes catch for a long time. Beat. Jungle Twink goes down on all fours. The handsome youth holds Jungle Man's fantastic member with both hands. He slips his twink tongue fully inside the huge urethra, licks inside the gaping hole, greedily, goes in deep with the whole of his twink tongue. Beat. Jungle Twink pulls his tongue out of Jungle Man's urethra and licks up and down the shaft of Jungle Man's cock, the same as he'd done with the banana, sliding his hot, moist tongue round and round Jungle Man's humungus cock head. Jungle Man shakes spasmically. He GROWLS. He ROARS. Suddenly, without warning, Jungle Twink sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiides all the way down Jungle Man's cock, makes Jungle Man's cock, ALL GONE. Then, ever so slowly Jungle Twink works his mouth backwards towards the head, a little at a time. Jungle Twink licks Jungle Man's cock like a lollipop:SLUUUUUUUUURP!!! SLUUUUUUUUUURP!!! SLUUUUUUUUUUURP!!!

Jungle Man picks Jungle Twink up, bodily, over his prehistoric shoulder and carries him to the hammock. He sets Jungle Twink down in the hammock. And as he does, Jungle Twink loosens the straps on Jungle Man's loin cloth, un-tethers it slowly, pulls the foreskin over Jungle Man's cock and JOSTLES it in the air. WIGGLES it. Pulls on the foreskin, placing his fingers inside the mound of flesh and inserting his twink tongue deep inside Jungle Man's foreskin, licking it greedily, making LOW, HUMMING, ANIMAL NOISES, as he rims the lining of Jungle Man's foreskin, crazed with excitement. Jungle Man MOANS, looks on in absolute amazement as Jungle Twink, once again, makes his gigantic member DISAPPEAR. "UMMMMMMMMMM!!!," cries Jungle Man, looking adoringly at his new friend. Beat.

Jungle Twink stops. He looks up at Jungle Man as tears well up in Jungle Man's eyes. Jungle Twink takes one of his tiger-fang chokers and ties it carefully around Jungle Man's neck. "Mi Jungle Twink. Ti Jungle Man. Amo Jungle Man," says Jungle Twink, softly. Jungle Man wipes the tears from his eyes. He looks at Jungle Twink's gift. He looks at Jungle Twink. "Amo Jungle Twink," says Jungle Man. Jungle Twink removes his saber-toothed tiger thong. He turns and presents his fleshy twink-buns to Jungle Man. Jungle Man's prehistoric eyes go wide as saucers as Jungle Twink opens his twink-cheeks, and reveals the biggest, juiciest, sweetest asshole Jungle Man had ever seen.

Jungle Man gets down on all fours in front of the hammock, licks Jungle Twink's boy-hole, rims the fleshy hole with his long prehistoric tongue. Tastes it. Kisses it. "UUUUUUNGA!!! UUUUUUUNGA!!!" comes Jungle Man's MUFFLED VOICE from deep inside Jungle Twink, as he burrows his entire face inside Jungle Twink's mammoth twink-hole, slams his prehistoric tongue inside Jungle Twink's mammoth twink-hole, pushes his face down deep inside Jungle Twink. Jungle Twink SCREEEEEAMS with delight, grabs hold of a nearby tree vine for support, as Jungle Man lays in hard and furiously with his long, groping prehistoric tongue, rimming Jungle Twink's fleshy twink-hole.

All at once, Jungle Man pulls his head out of Jungle Twink's ass and SLAM DUNKS his hard, hairy member inside Jungle Twink's cavernous twink-hole. Jungle Man strokes Jungle Twink's virgin ass, slow at first, then moves all the way inside, fills Jungle Twink's boy-hole -- completely.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, Jungle Man," cries JungleTwink.

Jungle Twink GRUNTS, reaches and grabs Jungle Man's hairy neanderthal thighs and pulls him in closer, opens his twink-legs wide for Jungle Man, all the while pulling Jungle Man by the hairs on his prehistoric back, scratching Jungle Man with his long prehistoric twink-nails.

THEN: it happened. Jungle Man's lips and Jungle Twink's lips meet for the very first time.

Jungle Man's prehistoric mouth wraps itself gently around Jungle Twink's mouth like a warm blanket, envelops Jungle Twink in long, sensuous, groping kisses. Jungle Twink heaves in excitement, meets Jungle Man's probing mouth with his own wild, sensuous forays -- darts his twink tongue inside Jungle Man's deep, cavernous throat, finds Jungle Man's hot tongue and sucks it -- sucks it like he sucked the banana -- round and round. Jungle Man responds to Jungle Twink's groping kisses with more of his own. He works Jungle Twink's neck, works his way to Jungle Twink's prehistoric twink-tits, licks Jungle Twink's tits, sucks Jungle Twink's tits as he strokes Jungle Twink long and deep with his mammoth prehistoric member. Jungle Twink MOANS, cries out in ecstasy, heaves in Jungle Man's hairy, mammoth arms, clasps Jungle Man's mammoth biceps and gives into Jungle Man's touch.

Jungle Man holds Jungle Twink in his massive arms and rolls under him in the hammock. He takes Jungle Twink by the hips with both hands and bounces him UP and DOWN on top his mammoth cock: BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!

Jungle Twink takes his long twink-cock in his hand and strokes it as Jungle Man continues to fuck him, fucks Jungle Twink relentlessly, harder and harder -- SLAMS Jungle Twink's body down hard on top of his huge bicho. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," cries Jungle Twink. "UMMA CUMMA...UMMA CUMMA!!!" And so he did. Jungle Twink SHOOTS his twink load all over Jungle Man's prehistoric chest. "UNNNNNNNNNNGA!!! UNNNNNNNNGA!!!" cries Jungle Man, suddenly, his prehistoric voice rising in BASSO PROFUNDO as he unleashes his load into Jungle Twink's cavernous twink-hole, sends Jungle Twink's body UP, UP, UP, floating in mid-air like a geyser. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, SHYT, cries Jungle man. Suddenly, the torrent stops. Jungle Twink SPLASHES down onto Jungle Man's mammoth member. He lays flat, belly-to-belly, on top of Jungle Man, Jungle Man's huge cock still inside him. "Amo Jungle Twink," says Jungle Man, softly, as he kisses Jungle Twink. "Amo Jungle Man," replies Jungle Twink, softly. And as Jungle Man and Jungle Twink lay quietly, falling asleep in each other's arms, all the birds in the trees sing their praises, chirp their own melodies for Jungle Man and Jungle Twink -- who, had found one another.

A LONG BEAT AFTER: a shooting-star jets across the star-filled heavens, streaming slowly, methodically, across the darkened jungle sky, silhouetting Jungle Man and Jungle Twink in a soft, starry, haze of light.