Latin Lollipops

By Oliver Penn

Brian Brennan's latest confection centers on that area of the Hispanic male anatomy, erotically defined by "hard candy" at its best. For the most part, it's large, served with two big-sized jawbreakers and surrounded by a jungle of black bushy pubic hair.

LATIN LOLLIPOPS are the main course offered by the LATINO FAN CLUB in honor of the handsome, over-sexed young men from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem, Staten Island and Queens.

First, we see Lucky, who arrives home and turns on telly porn before he gets undressed. He's seems innocuous until we see his hairy arms and legs and the bulge behind his white briefs. He disrobes and there "it" is…a MAN'S cock, displayed with a glorious thicket of pubes (no shaved balls here). The dick swells as he watches his TV whore getting viciously fucked. When he cums, streams of hot jizz fly out of his prick.

Star, J. T. sits with legs spread wide, his cock at full mast. The cam guy (probably on the floor between J. T.'s legs) brings us so close we can practically lick his balls and bury our faces in his ultra-bushy forest. Boy, does this fucker look sexy. When his huge cock squirts the juice, his crotch hair is the recipient, causing J. T. to laugh out loud. You'll fantasize a raunchy night in bed with this immoral bastard.

Horny as hell Jay is alone in his room with his VCR. His man-fur out-bushes the two previous dudes (hard to believe). Do you ever fantasize about men's crotches while walking down the street? Well, I do. Naked and pulling his pud, it doesn't take long for this sexy dawg to blow his hefty load.

Clean-cut Cruz comes home, takes out some pussy magazines and gets naked. Obviously, he's experimented with shaving his pubes, for they seem to be "growing back" when this was filmed. His cock and globes are wonderfully big and he looks fetching with widespread thighs as he pulls himself off (paying special attention to his sensitive balls). He spills a decent load in this brief scene.

Ronn Holmes (a take-off on "John Holmes"?), who starred in NINE-INCH NUYORICANS is back with his huge cock and dirty mouth. He teases us with a bulging basket (white briefs) and then reveals the prize. Guess. Yes, it's big 'n hairy with lemon-sized gonads. You can just imagine saying "no" to this stud and him taking your ass anyway… you bastard!

Rodrigo (dark glasses, helmet) does a never-before-seen solo from DOIN' TIME 2069. His cock starts to grow inside his mesh shorts to gargantuan proportions. When he releases the monster, you'll feel your anus relax big time! Oh, my, so fuckin' HUGE!

Other solos by Lefty, the amazing Vegetta (awesome balls) and Freeman (as Zorro) who fucks Navon. The hottest scene has Tariq dropping by for a "down low" fuck date with J. T. The two macho studs lewdly kiss and physically try to break down the other into bottoming. After Tariq eats out J.T.'s sinful butthole, that ass belongs to him and he fucks it hard.

Cast: Lucky, J. T., Jay, Cruz, Ronn Holmes, Rodrigo, Lefty, Vegetta, Freeman, Navon, Tariq,

Studio: Latino Fan Club Director: Brian Brennan Time: 90 Year: 2006

The hottest scene has two macho tops trying to break the other down to the bottom. J.T. and

Tariq's kissing, sucking and fucking will wear you out. Hairy-crotched studs galore!

Extras: Chapters; Bonus Feature: "Latin Eye Candy" w/ Mike, Angel, Eduardo, Juan-Carlos, Kaos,

Cisco Melendez, Giovanni, Rafael, Reynaldo De Leon.