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Hey Brian! Got disc 2 and finished watching it. The initial disc cut off at the pool party somewhere before the footage of the pool parties at night. I can't believe how much important footage was missing! I didn't know there was movies made in Dominican Republic, Brazil and Paris. I was impressed with the Paris shows. Sin and Ninja were awesome on stage! Gay?? I think Sin is but hard to believe Ninja is!! Both hot and watching them deep kiss was hot. I also enjoy finding out little things like Tiger Tyson getting arrested for Marijuana possession the day before the trip to Paris. It just gives a picture of how real, how human, these young men are. But he did go to Paris at some point. I have a movie he made in Paris but under Pit Bull Productions. Is that an offshoot of LFC? Did he branch out on his own? I was also impressed with the photo shoot by the Dutch photographer. GQ and Steel looked great but, I'll admit, I fell in love with Steel in the only scene I saw him in, Salsa City as a Spice Boy! That playful, endearing smile, a sense of innocence with a touch of naughtiness gives him an amazing charm. Is he gay?? Is he in any other movie? I suspect he is straight but one never knows unless we ask. Anyway, I was so impressed that you got worldwide recognition for your amazing work! But again, all flattery aside, I still think you have not gotten the level of praise you deserve for your specialized contributions to the porn industry. You really achieve an untouched and unmatched market and I don't believe that the world will ever see this again! It seems like plastic and steroid induced muscle is erotic to mainstream folks. Not me, though! I like a real, untouched, natural man!! That's erotic!! Then again, if you pick up the camera again..... I think you know where I am going with this! Lol. Wishful thinking! I did notice that at the end of disc 2 and disc 3, you had an "In Memoriam." Who are these people? I don't recognize the names but I know that the models did not use their real names. Did any of them die? Romeo Castillo, what happened to him? He's one of my most favorite, hottest guys, a devilish charm about him. At the pool party, I thought I heard someone call him Willy. The memoriam mentioned a Willy. Was it him? I hope not. Many of these young men touched me in a way that I just can't explain. It goes beyond, way beyond their performances. I feel like I can sense a sensitive, human, even vulnerable side to them. I remember a scene in the anthology that was filmed in a place that Romeo was living in. I was so pained to see that the living conditions was beyond humble that my heart went out to him. I saw a sense of abandonment by many people in him. Don't know if I am even close but I found him lovable. Sorry if I am asking so many questions but the anthology opened up a world of curiosity for me. I will say it again, this was awesome, amazing, fantastic!! You put together an incredible story and yet, there is so much more that can be told. Maybe an "Anthology 2, a history of the models?" Just a thought (or suggestion, lol), but certainly enough information to make another multiple disc story. I want to say, thank you, for putting together the anthology. It was entertaining, impactful and emotional for me. I am certainly interested in getting as many of your movies after this. A little at a time, of course! All the best, Edwin C.

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To the LFC:
I wanted to take the time to Thank you, Brian and Freeman for the selections that you picked out for me and being understanding about my order. You guys are the best and Latino Fan Club has the best Latino boys ever. Right now I'm so in love with Xavier, man, but the rest of the guys Mercury, Tariq, Scarface, Creme and Daz just to name a few are off the hook. I have been a fan since the magazines were printed in the 90's, when Tiger Tyson first came on the scene, back then my favorite porn star was Kiko (whatever happened to him?). But I really enjoy the movies and will be ordering again, I'm going to be requesting some posters, one of my orders last year, you sent me a poster that I put on my bedroom wall, to this day all the boys that visit me in my bedroom really compliment the boys on the poster and I want some more. Well that's it for now and again Thank you guys, and have the best holiday ever. Question: How do I get information on where these guys dance and or preform in Spanish Harlem, I will be turning 50 next year and for my birthday I wanna come to New York and see some of these papi's in action? and do they have any Latino gay male porn awards, I would love to attend those, see you guys get awards for the BEST PORN CLUB EVER....LOL! Much Love and Blessings...rondoe


Editor's Note: To see LIVE, hot, young Latin strippers go to:

I love the solos. Great customer service too

Birmingham Cyclyist wrote back:

We have TWENTY solo collections on DVD- Vol. 16-20 are on DVD. Volumes 1 thru 15 will be on DVD during the next year....
Brian / LFC

Dear LFC,

Quick comment on your Headhunters movie:
While it was good to see Reynaldo De Leon in a new movie, he's made too many films to show him only jacking off. While your selection of men is still impeccable, watching jackoff scenes, or especially watching men watch pussy films is getting old. If they must watch that material, at least don't make it so painfully obvious to the audience!
I grew up on Latino Fan Club films, but Thugmart is slowly stealing me away from you due to their full on sex in films.

Just my 10 cents.

In the case of Reynaldo, because of his beauty, I'd rather see him jack off than nothing. The fact that some of our men are turned on by females is only being honest, and a lot of gay men are not afraid of pussy. We aren't competing with "Thugmart", as they have more black models than Latino-- personally I am just not into black guys. Thanks for your 10 cents.
Brian- LFC

Point taken on Reynaldo... Please don't take my comments the wrong way; you're right, thugmart does have more black than latino; but please be patient with me because I meant nothing negative by it.
I'm an OLD Latino Fan Club fan. LFC has been my top choice ever since you came out with Spanish Harlem Knights 1 & 2 Ok, so please do not misunderstand, I WANT to buy LFC products!... But headhunters has no Freddy Mac. No Romeo Costillo...These boys weren't shown jacking off to straight films, they had full on sex, and they are LEGENDS. They wiped out ALL the competition coming out of Hollywood. My friend, these men seared my mind permanently; and this white boy has been interested in nothing but Latin men ever since! LFC has never gotten the true credit it deserves; my god man, you invented the genre! PLEASE understand what I'm telling you.
Headhunters models had too much focus on looking at porn on the pute; the audience wants to feel involved or at least, noticed. Freddy Mac would talk to the camera.
I get that showing these men turned on by females is honest. But sometimes the audience wants some fantasy; like maybe there's a chance these guys would let them. I've always liked it when M Vic Mann has a scene. Going waaaaaaaaaaaay back, his scene with Freddy Mac lets older guys feel like they could taste Freddy too.
Brian, you are my favorite director. Please take what I'm saying to heart. I don't want to buy thugmart products; it's just that sometimes you want full on sex.
Wishing you continued success!

Greetings Brian Brennan,

I have been a fan of The Latino Fan Club since my freshman year in college back in '97. I actually stumbled across some of your videos hidden in one of my roommates closet while looking for some shoes before class. After that, I have been hooked. I now have a full collection of LFC films.

I recently got a chance to see Headhunters and was greatly surprised to see Reynaldo De Leon. Now that guy is my all time favorite and it was just a pleasure to see him in another classic LFC film.

I read a few of the recent comments about Reynaldo's performances in your films. I wouldn't care if he was jacking off to Spongebob. When Reynaldo is in front of the camera magic happens. He is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Who cares if he does solo performances? Watching Reynaldo is like watching good performance art and you can tell he likes to perform.

I am a huge fan of Reynaldo De Leon's and I am looking forward to watching him in another film and am looking forward to many more classics coming out of LFC.

I don't see your films as pornograhpy. I see them as performance art pieces. Brian, you are a cultural pop icon and I really think you should be recognized as such. Your art is just too beautiful. Thank you for creating wonderful works of art.

Signed "?"

Wow! All I can say is "thanks!" I guess! You might be an even bigger fan of my stuff that I am... does that make any sense?-- AND to all you reading this, I SWEAR, I did NOT write or solicit that email!!

Brian Brennan

Dear LFC,

I purchased my first LFC VIP Pass this past week and it has already exceeded my expectations. Kudos to Brian Brennan for another outstanding job, with the intriguing interviews with Rico, Julio Nieves, etc., the smokin' Family Jewels videos, including a hot unreleased Tiger Tyson solo, and a sizzling photo shoot with Indio. I love the new bigger Quicktime Player format on the video material and am looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with next. It already seems like something is added almost every day. I'm sure with the vast Latino Fan Club files, we are just scratching the surface. Can't wait!

On another note, my partner and I recently ran a couple of personals ads locally with the heading Latino Fan Club Jack Off Party, and we got "loads" of responses. We ended up having two sessions already with new friends and had unbelievably intense and heated experiences both times. Plus we've heard back from a couple of guys who want to come back for more! We had LFC videos playing the whole time we were playing.

Thought you might be interested.


Dear LFC,
Let me first comment on the thief who stole your URL. I was home and decided to see what was new on your site, typed in the old URL and up pops "" I was more than annoyed and very puzzled. I have purchased a few titles from the other company and I can honestly say that they aren't worth the case they arrived in. EVERY movie is the exact same thing, except the faces change. Also, have you noticed how UNexcited the men are? They can barely get a hard-on and the sex scenes are awful. I am rather pissed that such talent as Viper and others actually did scenes for the other dude. However, the look on their faces tells me that they werent into it...unlike the dudes in your kick-ass movies. You have actual story-lines.....the dudes are into the "work" and it shows cuz they seem to be hard easily. Of course it could just be the fine editing you do...LOL....but at least a fan gets the right impression if you know what I mean. I will never ( and havent in over a year ) patronize the other sites. Porn comes in two varieties when working with Latino thugs. First there is the OTHER company's way of imagination, the dudes seem to dislike each other in some movies and they cant seem to get it over with fast enough. Case in point would be "The Beast"....the dude can,t even keep a hard-on! Second is YOUR company....TOP-NOTCH filming and editing, the dudes are much more into the scenes (whether they are straight, bi or gay in real life) than one would expect...but they keep that super-masculine image throughout. I love just hearing them talk to each other before any clothes are even removed! SO DAMN REAL!!! Also, your ideas are fresh, just like your talent. You manage to find thugs that I would LOVE to spend some quality time with...LOL KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK and I wish you the BEST in court!
My movie idea was one that I did pitch to your official EBAY Seller a while back. The title would be RICAN WRESTLING TEAM. Now one doesn't have to be a genius to figure out a few highly charged sex scenes with that title. Take the thugs off the basketball court and squeeze their tightly muscled bods into even tighter wrestling singlets and put them in some wrestling shoes (both are rather inexpensive) and have them be representing rival gyms from the Bronx or something. They dont even gotta know wrestling too much...just the basics to make it all seem plausible....can be found in any library or on-line. Team spirit and rivalry lead the featured actors to a venue that I dont think you've ever used before. It's a fresh idea if nothing else and rest assured I'll be one of the first to buy a copy! Just imagine Alejandro, Viper, June, Papi Songo, Cream (SIGH!!!!!!...I adore that man and the way he fucks!!!!), Scarface...the list is endless....participating in a VERY masculine sport, dressed in something that leaves LITTLE to the imagination and then run wild with it. Just an idea from a LOYAL fan!
Keep up the A+ work and as far as I'm concerned the other companies might as well pack it up and leave town. Would love to have you film in Providence...just so I might get a chance to get some autographs and see those TRUE LATINO THUGS in real-life....LOL
Feel free to edit this email and post it on your site, but PLEASE dont print my name. I am over 21 years of age, as 'R' will attest to. Peace!

K. S.
Providence, RI

Hello LFC,

My name is Rodrico and I would like to say that LFC has changed my life. I know that must sound funny but it's true. I used to be 100% straight and always thought of gay people to be those wild, loud, female acting dudes that you see on TV all the time. I seen my first LFC movie when I was 19 or 20 and actually seen it by accident. My boi Jamiel had this burned DVD in his player when I was chillin at his house and it said "Latin Thugz 2." I thought it was one of those movies like "Friday" or "Don't Be A Menace" because he is VERY straight acting and just a real kool person to chill with. Anyway, I put the movie in and couldn't believe what I was seeing. I stood there for a minute watching because I couldn't believe my friend for 5 years was gay. Well, he also has lots of girls so I guess he is bi. Anyway, he seen me watching it and was scared and started explaining things, that he is not like those gay dudes that act like chicks and that's why he likes LFC movies. So I watched and he was right, they were all straight sounding and acting. I found myself getting aroused and one thing led to another, and bottom line, I ended up getting head from my thuggish, 100% straight acting friend. Ever since then, I became fascinated with LFC and started buying the movies, and going on to PPV sites and spending a lot of money on minutes for LFC movies. If it wasn't for LFC, I would never had gotten into straight acting dudes at all. Women are great, but nothing makes me bust a good nutt like a LFC movie.

If possible, I been trying to find out what the name of the porn star is in Latin Thugz 2? He was the one in the red shirt that was gettin head from the one dude and then they got down for a quick minute. I don't think he took off his red shirt in the scene. I know it was scene 2 though. I been trying to find more movies with him in it but I don't know any because I'm not sure what his name is. Anyway, I am looking because my friend, the one that I first ever messed around with, looks a lot like the guy in the red shirt.

Well, if you can get me that information I would really like it. I love and appreciate every thing that LFC releases. Oh, and I hope you win your court case too! You all have my full support. I was mad as hell when I typed in and was sent to corny ass At first I thought they bought out LFC and was pretty upset, but now that I found the REAL, 100% ALL ORIGINAL, LATINO FAN CLUB, I am happy once again. I hope streetlife gets whats coming to them and goes out of business. I hope the courts make them return all of the money to their customers and that LFC gets a good amount back too so that way we can see more great movies and get back to where it belongs: LATINO FAN CLUB!

Thanks alot for taking fanmail,
Always watching,
Rodrico M.

Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks so much for your email. It was a real compliment, and it really made my day!

To answer your question, when I shot that scene (many years ago) the two guys in the scene just came by, referred by their friend who had done some work for me. It was a one time thing, as they needed the fast money, I shot their scene, and I have never seen them after that. I agree it is a hot scene, and it has always amazed me how easy it really is to fuck around with straight guys... especially here in New York City... They are happy to get a blow job from a gay guy, and usually ask for a few bucks, just so they don't feel too "guilty" or something I guess....

So where do you live? I'm glad you found our new website, and we are still waiting for the court's decision about the lawsuit... You should write some more, and post it on your own free blog on our website... let me know... and thanks again for your support and great email!

warmest regards,

Brian Brennan /

Wow! Thanks for writing back! I didnt expect for anyone to respond, especially not so soon. Well, I'm in Cleveland, OH but stayed in Corpus Christi,TX for awhile. But that's when I was in the navy. It's pretty boring in Ohio, not a lot of hot papiz around. I guess they all went to NYC and Jersey. I'm like one of the few that didn't go, ha ha! Anyway, I would love to live in NYC but due to money I can't do that right now. Plus its gotta be HELLA cold too!

Well I think I will start a blog up since you mentioned it. Aww, but that sucks about dude in the red shirt. It must be interesting to be in the porn industry. I think I'd be too scared to get into that. But I bet the people are kool as fuck though.

Geez! I feel like I'm talking to my childhood hero or or somethin I just don't know what else to say. Well thanks for writing back, and doing it so quickly. I was actually expecting an auto response saying "thanks for writing and dont forget to buy this movie." LOL!


Hey LFC,

I just discovered the scene where Alejandro bottoms in "Teen Hustlers 3," and I wanted to say that was the hottest porn scene I've seen in a very long time! Has he bottomed in any of your other films?

Personally, I hope you'll offer many more scenes like that. It is much more exciting to watch masculine "strict tops" or "versatile tops" take dick, than to watch the more obvious "bottoms." If you could pay enough money to get the more masculine, bisexual "tops only" to bottom on screen, your videos would be ten times hotter than they already are! Thanks for listening, and keep up the great work!

Wannabe Whitman


Dear Brian and Boyz,

Thank you for confirming my order. On a holiday too! Someone's working
overtime - - - or loves their job. I hope it's the latter.

And I want to thank you especially for asking for feedback. Well Dr PE is
one of my all-time favorite LFC productions. The actors, sex, and parts are
all magnificent. Alejandro and the dreamy eyed doctor were superb. There
were quite a few foreskin shots, but never enough for me. Just seeing a
semi-hard hooded cock at rest, say while the actor is sitting or kneeling is
time well-spent. But I think you already know your fans like this.

But what always does surprize me in that movie is how little is shown of
those PERFECT asses. How could the camera-man have so thoroughly ignored
them when they were right there in front of his face? I think the only time
we see them is when one guy is fucking another. That's fine, but the ass of
a man standing in profile or from the back can be so delicious. Why deprive
us of those views when the actors obviously have such great butts? It's a
tragedy to ignore them.

Okay, my strong opinion has been registered. Otherwise I think your films
are just terrific and I love all the boyz. Especially Alejandro and the
dreamy eyed doctor. The later doctor with the blond crew-cut is also
magnificent. The acting in this movie (Dr Penis Erectus) is really good
and authentic.

M---. W--------. (aka B. O.)

Dear Brian:

After 20 years of LFC, your work seems fresher than ever. You always find a new face or new twist to tweak a person's interest. The videos you have
released in the past 24 months have been among your best ever, as if the
move to Times Square shot an extra jolt of energy into your already energetic operation.

TH3 is no exception to LFC's upward trend. Besides introducing the hot
power bottom, beautiful face and massive cock of June, it contains the
never-boring Viper (whom I could watch forever), shows the stalwart
Alejandro publicly expanding his repertoire (how about getting Viper to
expand, too?), and also features some wonderful new performers and includes
more work from some wonderful recent discoveries.

The scene which really did it for me was, surprisingly, the one I initially
thought might be least interesting: June and Panther. In this scene Panther
is coarse-looking and seemingly disinterested in June, and I was about to
"next" him away with my DVD remote when I caught the gist of the set-up:
Panther is a straight guy who does odd-jobs around the house for June, and
June is seducing him. Now there's a situation I can relate to! (More on
this below). Panther's "disinterest" continues through the standard
progression of sexual moves until he finally gets caught up in the pleasure
of June's motorized ass and gives it the plowing it deserves. Boy was that
scenario a turn-on!

Probably because it reminded me of the time I had a diplomatic job at an
embassy in a (non-Spanish-speaking, non-English-speaking) Caribbean country.
One of the embassy's security guards, a hot young local guy, thrilled me
every time I passed him on my way in and out of work. He was very friendly
but not obviously available. He had a young family, he quoted from the
Bible. A few months later he got fired for some indiscretion. One day I
saw him hanging around the front of the embassy, looking handsomer than ever
and still out of work. Impulsively, I offered him a job guarding the
entrance to my residence (labor is extremely cheap down there) and he gladly
accepted. So for a few weeks he sat on a chair outside my apartment door,
wearing his embassy guard uniform, "guarding" my place. After awhile I
invited him in for lunch and he accepted, albeit a little nervously. But
after a little time passed he got used to the lunches and more comfortable
with me. One particularly hot afternoon I asked him if he'd like a beer.
After a slight hesitation he came inside and we drank several. He asked me
if I was married and when I told him no, I preferred men, he looked a little
shocked, but didn't run off. He was comfortable with me now, so I asked if
I might see what he looked like undressed. Oh no, he said. He respected
me, but he could never do anything sexual with a man. Okay, I said, and
offered him another beer. Soon he had to go to the bathroom. Previously,
he'd always been very careful to close the bathroom door whenever he used
it, but this time he left it open. I heard him loosing a massive torrent
and walked into the bathroom behind him so I could watch. He giggled,
finished his piss, and did not rush to zip up his (as I could now see)
large, glorious cock. I stood there ogling it, complimenting him on it, and
after a few moments he moved to rezip. I reach out and put my hand on his
cock. He faked wanting me to remove my hand, trying to push it away but not
really. Finally he quit faking and allowed my hand to roam at will, which
naturally quickly turned his large cock into a throbbing humongous cock.
Which naturally I quickly had in my mouth, which naturally led straight to
the bedroom where his guard uniform went flying and both asses - his and
mine - ended up begin well plowed. Later, he went back to his post outside
my door. Once or twice a week I'd invite him in and, although we never ever
verbalized to each other what we were doing, we enjoyed wonderful sex for
the rest of my time in that country.

So your scene with Panther and June reminded me of a terrific Caribbean
country and a very hot, wild time in my life. The unexpected, low-lying
guys are, to my taste, anyway, the best!

Thanks again for another great video!!